The mind behind “Mother-Camper”

Wife, Mom and a Full Time Mother Camper.

Just a mother travelling with my two young children following my husband from place to place for work. Taking on the challenges of life as a recovering addict and raising rambunctious kids while on the road full time. Doing my best taking this life one day at a time and letting other mothers know we are not alone in this crazy life!

First things first though, why “Mother-Camper”? Because what else do you call us crazy stressed out mamas who decide to live on the road? A mother-camper. It just has a certain ring to it.

Or maybe it just reminds me of my favorite cuss word that tends to slip out more than I would like to say. Anyway, I dig it.

Now we have that out the way, WELCOME to my chaotic, blissful crazy life on wheels!

I’m a 28 (forever 25!!) year old mom, wife, recovering addict and now trying my hand at this blogging life. Who knows who this will reach but my goal is to help any fellow struggling mother-camper out anyway I can. If my struggles or in depth mental health problems can help a mother in the same shoes…why the hell not?!

I have never imagined myself writing about what the hell goes on in my day to day life, but something sparked a fire under my ass and well, here we are!

As you can imagine I live in a camper with my two wild kiddos, sweet bearded hunk of a husband and our senior Great Dane. I am a recovering alcoholic and addict, and love to write about my recovery and self discovering journey along the road.(Doesn’t it sound dreamy already?!) But why write about it right?!

(My bearded man and said crotch goblins)

Because…THIS LIFE IS HARD. Plus, I know how stressful it can be during these crappy times (thanks COVID) and exactly how easy it is to fall back into bad habits. This type of lifestyle can drain you.

I want to share my daily struggles with motherhood and staying halfway sane throughout it all.

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