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Stuck on what to get the hubby or that special someone for Christmas this year? If so, welcome to my world each and every year! Living in a camper space is tight. Plus, it doesn’t help that I may have one of the hardest husbands to buy for, or I just suck at picking up his subtle hints. Either way I have decided to make a list for all of us left scratching our heads in the shopping mall for our spouse.

Travelling is what my husband knows best. He has worked in this field now for close to 15 years. Some of the views he gets to take in each day are pretty outstanding. But, the pictures he takes on his phone just never do them justice. Which brings me to number one.

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Trust me, If we would of had this on our trip to the Hoover Dam my husband would of had a field day!! They are super neat, compact and the quality is AWESOME. Plus, who doesn’t like a good picture?

Now, If your’e looking for something for your husbands’ most prized possession….his beard (well if he has one that is!). I have found the perfect (to me!) bundle for your special someone and his facial hair. Plus, it is super duper affordable and there is always room in a camper for beard essentials.

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This bundle is perfect for all his beard needs! My husband uses his beard straightener EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Seriously, he takes better care of that beard than I do my hair. (I am totally okay with that, I dig his beard ;P)

Last but certainly NOT least…The Traeger Grill and Smoker.

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Every full time camper needs a great grill. Not only because food just taste better on a grill, but space is limited for cooking inside a camper. This grill even folds up and super easy for storage! Seriously, I love cooking small meals inside but being able to cook a good meal like chicken, steaks or burgers outside is the best. My husband LOVES using this for smoking meats and they turn out delicious if I don’t say so myself!

Living in a camper doesn’t mean you can’t have the things you would have if you lived in a home, it just means you have to get creative with what you get! Hopefully this gives you a little help in the shopping department for your special someone!


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