Personal Journey For A Less Red and Irritated Face!

**Disclaimer- This post may contain affiliate ads that I may make a small commission from at no extra cost to you.**

So, as I have mentioned before the desert has tried to kill me since we have been here! Well, not seriously but it sure has not been a pleasant ride. The direct sun, and my skin just do not mix at all. Trying to keep up all the moisturizing and trying figuring out why on earth my hair was falling out (that is a whole other story) has been very time consuming. I tried all the creams, vitamins and D.I.Y treatments I could come across. I was at my wits end. My face was always red and burning and never felt right.

I finally decided to stop everything and try a restart. Yeah, I had no idea what that meant or what it would help but I decided it had to start with my insides.

I started eating healthier, and eating a ton of anti-inflammatory (in hopes to lessen the redness in my face). Stopped all the hard exfoliating. I drink at least a gallon or more of water a day which is easy because I am not a big soda drinker anyway. This seemed to help, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied so I added a few more vitamins. I added a Beet Root and Omega 3 fatty acids along with my Women’s Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins. Slowly my face was looking better. And I actually started to feel better (who knew, self care huh?!). But now, I needed help protecting my face from the dry climate and intense sun.

Simply click the image to check it out!

Although I stopped applying makeup for the time being, I knew I needed to continue a simple moisturizer that would not irritate my face in any way. My face has shown to be sensitive to just about any product. It only took me about 348 attempts to find something that worked for me but I finally found it! I went to a dermatologist and although he was not much help with identifying the root of my problems he sent me off with a sample bag full of products to try. La Roche Posay was one of those samples and thankful for me, it has worked great with my skin and I haven’t tried any thing else since. It is light weight, oil free, safe for sensitive skin and most of all it works for me. I chose their Effaclar Mat because it helps with my huge ugly pores as well. The product does not irritate my skin, and does not leave an oily layer like most of the other products I have tried. I also decided to add their sunscreen to my routine because just like their moisturizer it is great for sensitive skin and leaves the skin feeling smooth and not heavy. (Honestly I’m sure their entire line is probably great but I will stick to what I know!) It also saved me from having to find a sunscreen that will fit all my needs and this one definitely does. The great thing about each of these products is that they are affordable and effective!

Simply click on the image to check it out!

I know every one has different skin care needs, and the road to find an effective skin care product is ridiculous. My needs may not fit yours, but maybe they will save you the trouble of going down the same long tiring road of products that just do not work!

These are my personal results, and if I am being honest, it is super embarrassing to post. Even with my unflattering pictures, I am all about helping someone out! Hopefully this gives you a push in the right direction!

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