So Long Nevada!

So how about Thanksgiving 2020, eh? I mean, I feel like it was not as bad as some of my past Thanksgiving get-together’s. But, it sure didn’t feel like the “norm” either.

Thanksgiving has been a pretty dreaded holiday for me for the past five years anyway. It only happens to mark the last holiday I ever spent with my mother (If you would call it that). She made it maybe 5 minutes at the dinner table with us and had to lay down in my bedroom for the rest of the time. She passed away just four days later. Sad yes, the reason our Thanksgiving felt weird? Not really.

I have never had a Thanksgiving that did not feel rushed and “put together” like we did this year. Steaks. We had steaks. No ham, no turkey, no deviled eggs. No rushing, no cute holiday outfit to prance around the living room in. Nothing but business as usual. Not that I hated it, it just was different.

To be totally honest it was my first Thanksgiving I was really sober and in a good mental space. I was not crying over my mom at every little turn. I didn’t have any crazy expectation to meet because my mom did it. I was just enjoying my day.

Maybe I am also a little peppier these days just because we are FINALLY getting out of Nevada and this awful desert life in just sixteen short days!!!! I know, I should take in each and every beautiful destination we come across but I am pretty sure the desert has tried to kill me. Seriously, this sun is awful. No rain is awful. We happened to move here and in our unlucky Runge fashion, we experienced record breaking heat. Lets not forget the crazy high prices on every single item is just ridiculous! I am more than ready to get out of here! It has been real Nevada, but you have not been nice. Glad to mark that off the map and move on!

Anyway enough bashing I suppose. Things could be worse! We are finally heading back home to Texas waiting out the lay off and working on our tiny home. In a sense, I am in fact panicking a little, but I try to look at the bright side of everything. We finally get some down time to just be together and work on something together while the husband is not working. This should be interesting considering he gets stir crazy on his one day off a week! I’m sure I can find enough honey-do’s for him to last a week or so! Ha!

I always need a plan and if there is not a “plan” I tend to get a little obnoxious. I am literally all over the place scrambling the internet for job openings or what ever else my mind believes we will need while he is laid off. Yes, we saved for this but as I mentioned before “Runge” luck. Our truck that I used to haul our car here gave out. Total engine replacement. Did I mention it is 16 days till we LEAVE? YAY! Moving back across country with two kids two adults and a Great Dane all in a compact, tiny Ford Focus sounds like the perfect send off Nevada could give us. BOO!

All in all we made it a whole year travelling from Texas to Oklahoma, Arizona and Nevada. We have seen so many amazing sights. I have learned so many different things about myself and family along this trip. I have learned how resilient my children are being faced with the pressures of homeschooling and distant learning. I have felt the compassion of my husband while I thought I could not be a mother, teacher and wife all at once. Last but not least I have found a spark in myself that I would have never found without this journey. We have overcame so many challenges and struggles together as a family that I could not be anymore proud of us. We did this all together, and we made it…barely…but we made it.

There is no telling where we will end up on our travels or what is in store for us next, but there is no doubt that when we are together as a family we are strong, we are happy and we are home.

So long desert sun! ‘Till next time!


Gifts For Moms Just Under $30

If you are looking for gifts for Mom or the wife this Christmas but wanting to keep it budget friendly, I recommend these great gifts for keeping it just under $30. Plus they’re a nice way of ending 2020 a little more pleasantly than it started!

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This gift is perfect for mom and definitely a gift that keeps on giving. Unwrap a beautiful ring in each candle.

We all know moms everywhere love a good pair of slippers to keep those ice cold toes warm in the cold months. How cute are these?!

If you know Mom needs a brand new set of jammies to walk into Christmas morning with…check these out! How comfortable!

I can speak for most moms when I say moisturizing is a big part of our skin care routine. But if she has sensitive skin or you do not want anything irritating to the skin I definitely recommend this soothing lavender bath oil. It is all natural and even better they offer a FULL REFUND if you are not satisfied. Pretty great deal if ya ask me!

It is finally sweater weather where we are in Nevada and I could NOT wait to break out all my comfy sweaters! This cardigan is super cute AND it has snack holders…I mean pockets!!!!

Moms can never have enough shoes..especially for fall. We all need a good pair of booties to rock our best fall outfits and these are cute and can be paired with just about anything!

Just like shoes women love jewelry. This Azora bohemian wrap bracelet is adorable and perfect for any lady in your life! Also, it comes in right under $15. Super great deal!

Going along with the fall must haves…I LOVE this plaid, triangle scarf. Warm & cute!

Having a makeup bag to carry your makeup around with you while you travel is just as essential as having a suitcase for your clothes! Check out this super cute marble pattern makeup organizer for only $17.98!

So, I recently came across this shoe brand online called Adokoo and I am obsessed! Super affordable and so cute! And so many different styles to chose from! These are definitely top on my “must have” list. Starting at $18.99! LOVE!

You can NEVER have too many pairs of sunglasses! Trust me, if my husband gifted me with new shades I would think he put a ton of thought into it. Seriously. Simple but very useful. Plus, these are really stinking cute! Only $13.86!!

So I am ALL for having useful products in our camper that would benefit our limited space…I have to admit I never knew I needed it. Until now. This Cup Cozy Pillow is so neat! Perfect for coffee in bed or the couch!!

If she doesn’t already have one…she needs a vanity with lights for sure. Nobody likes going out in public with a different shade of makeup than we originally thought we had. This cute vanity has 3 color lightening modes and folds in which is super great for space saving!

If you haven’t realized by now, most of us moms rely on coffee to get us through the day. I know we are super hero’s, but we all need a little push. You can never go wrong with a great coffee mug, and this one says it all! And best of all, it comes in right under $20!

We can all agree that a good night sleep helps anyone with a productive day. Being a full time mom who home schools both kids I LOVE bedtime. I would be lying if I said I didn’t need the television on every night to fall asleep to. A white noise machine is the perfect answer for that and can double for help getting the kids to sleep as well! Perfect for the whole family! And for $19.99 it is a steal!

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15 Super Cute Christmas Decorations For RVs

With the way 2020 has been I decided to decorate the inside of my camper for Christmas early this year. I’ve never been the super over the top kind of Christmas decorator, but I needed something positive to walk into each day. So, I thought I would share a few items that fit perfectly in a camper space and are super cute! Plus, they are super affordable and great for anyone on a budget!

*Disclaimer-This post contains affiliate links

How cute are these ornaments?!

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