Personal Journey For A Less Red and Irritated Face!

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So, as I have mentioned before the desert has tried to kill me since we have been here! Well, not seriously but it sure has not been a pleasant ride. The direct sun, and my skin just do not mix at all. Trying to keep up all the moisturizing and trying figuring out why on earth my hair was falling out (that is a whole other story) has been very time consuming. I tried all the creams, vitamins and D.I.Y treatments I could come across. I was at my wits end. My face was always red and burning and never felt right.

I finally decided to stop everything and try a restart. Yeah, I had no idea what that meant or what it would help but I decided it had to start with my insides.

I started eating healthier, and eating a ton of anti-inflammatory (in hopes to lessen the redness in my face). Stopped all the hard exfoliating. I drink at least a gallon or more of water a day which is easy because I am not a big soda drinker anyway. This seemed to help, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied so I added a few more vitamins. I added a Beet Root and Omega 3 fatty acids along with my Women’s Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins. Slowly my face was looking better. And I actually started to feel better (who knew, self care huh?!). But now, I needed help protecting my face from the dry climate and intense sun.

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Although I stopped applying makeup for the time being, I knew I needed to continue a simple moisturizer that would not irritate my face in any way. My face has shown to be sensitive to just about any product. It only took me about 348 attempts to find something that worked for me but I finally found it! I went to a dermatologist and although he was not much help with identifying the root of my problems he sent me off with a sample bag full of products to try. La Roche Posay was one of those samples and thankful for me, it has worked great with my skin and I haven’t tried any thing else since. It is light weight, oil free, safe for sensitive skin and most of all it works for me. I chose their Effaclar Mat because it helps with my huge ugly pores as well. The product does not irritate my skin, and does not leave an oily layer like most of the other products I have tried. I also decided to add their sunscreen to my routine because just like their moisturizer it is great for sensitive skin and leaves the skin feeling smooth and not heavy. (Honestly I’m sure their entire line is probably great but I will stick to what I know!) It also saved me from having to find a sunscreen that will fit all my needs and this one definitely does. The great thing about each of these products is that they are affordable and effective!

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I know every one has different skin care needs, and the road to find an effective skin care product is ridiculous. My needs may not fit yours, but maybe they will save you the trouble of going down the same long tiring road of products that just do not work!

These are my personal results, and if I am being honest, it is super embarrassing to post. Even with my unflattering pictures, I am all about helping someone out! Hopefully this gives you a push in the right direction!

The Importance of Boundaries

It’s no secret that the key to having a happier life starts with your mindset. Sounds easy right? Wrong! It has only taken me, oh I don’t know…my entire twenties to realize this. Don’t let it be you too. It hasn’t been easy by any means. I am what you would call a “people pleaser.” I would regularly put others happiness and feelings before my own 100% of the time… all of the time. My mind had finally become so filled with everyone else’s bullsh*t, it was time I made some changes.

It was somewhere between isolation and detaching that I finally started to really find myself. And that took boundaries.

Detaching was crucial for my self discovering journey. I spent so much time seeking gratification elsewhere and from others that I never knew what it was like to actually accept me…for me. I feel emotions and energy a hell of a lot more than I would like but that is who I am and I am finally learning to love her. I mean, it has only taken me years of insignificant relationships and looking for acceptance from others to realize all I need is to understand myself fully. I had to take a step back from everything and everyone all at once. I had to realize I was the only person in the way of my own happiness. I was allowing everyone’s opinion and image of me control that. We cannot help what other people say or think. We cant control others point of views. Not everyone believes or thinks the same way as you. And that is perfectly fine…if you don’t allow it to eat at you. But of course all of our opinions are the correct ways of thinking right?! Nope. Never gonna happen.

When everything and everyone around you starts to become so overwhelming and nothing seems to be going your way. It is time to take a step back and re-evaluate. Find yourself again. Your true self. Create healthy (I cannot stress this enough) boundaries. Get rid of social media if you need to, take some time for yourself and focus on making you better. Honestly, I think getting rid of all my social media accounts was probably the best idea I had in a very long time. The endless scrolling through filtered BS and the crazy standards of people became so overwhelming. Why I added that on top of my already messy mind each day is beyond me.

Detach from anyone or anything that just plain is not making your life easier at the moment. Sounds a bit cruel, but I promise you, it makes it so much easier to work on yourself and only yourself. If they take offense to you working on yourself, they might have issues of their own to work on. But I am telling you, if the slightest inconvenience of someone else’s opinion of you makes you cringe and you automatically want to fix it…don’t. Do not let that consume you. Always have the power to let it go. Reel yourself back in and breathe. Create a better you, for yourself and only yourself. The happier and healthier your mindset is the less you give a damn. And boy I am getting better at not giving a damn every single day.

If I had to give anyone advice on becoming a better version of yourself, it would be to give yourself time. Work on it little by little each and every day. Always put yourself first. Stop putting up with crap you would not allow yourself to put others through. If you have to set boundaries with family…do it. Let go of any unhealthy relationships. And last but not least make sure you always have your best intentions at heart. You cannot pour from an empty cup my friends.

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An Addicts Help

I feel like I haven’t had much time lately to sit and truly express myself like I have been and last night something just pulled at my little heart strings and I knew I had to get it out.

My husband drinks. Every day. Like clock work. Yes, as a recovering addict this could be triggering but surprisingly, I do not crave alcohol as much as I craved my other drugs of choice. Maybe it is because hes my husband and that he is so good to me, that I hadn’t let it bother me much.

Recently my husband has been experiencing some slight health issues and of course my first thoughts are “you need to lose the friggin’ beer!” Oh, but how ironic of me right?! The same man who begged me for years to to put down the booze, not because of my health but for the sake of our family. And here I am preaching to him about the affects of alcohol. Sheesh.

My thought process was ‘how much better my mind and body feels being sober’, and that he would too. Besides that, if we do not learn and grow together there is always going to be miscommunication somewhere…right?! But look how long it actually took me to realize that on my own? Literally years.

It is quite different once the tables are turned. I mean, take my journey for example…Inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, AA meetings and church was never even enough for me…what the hell are my words going to do for him?! I see now why there are so many different approaches to this. There is never really one good answer.

I have seen what alcohol seemingly does to the body. I sat and watched it turn my my strong independent mother into a frail, bed ridden, dying woman. Yet again, that was not enough for me to stray away from it. Sadly, that was just my beginning for a downward spiral with alcohol and drugs.

I have also seen the resilience in my husbands approach to steering me out of that life. He never gave up on me, and knew I was still worth being saved. I’ll be damned if I don’t return the favor, and help him become a better him. But how?!

Now I am nowhere saying my husband is anything like me. No, not at all. His behavior when he drinks never seems to change. He is not self destructive like I was. He doesn’t go out and ruin his life every time he drinks. And he still wakes up each morning (gets a little harder these days) and works his ass off. The kind of “drinker” I tried to be.

I often ask him if he has ever experienced some sort of “ah ha” moment or “awakening” in life and always get the same answer. “I’ve always been the same, just me.” I only ask because I hadn’t experienced this either until I really got sober. If only I could take what I have experienced with becoming sober and show him how much more peaceful it has made my mind become. I know persistence is key with him. Nagging probably doesn’t help, but man is that easy for me! haha.

Either way, I only want the best and to experience more of this crazy life with a happier and healthier husband. I guess deep down I always knew I wanted to help others with these struggles, who knew I would start right here at home.